Everyman's Dream

As part of an artwork that Clare Twomey is making for the Sir John Soane's Museum in London she is asking 1000 men to tell her about their hopes of personal legacy. This is in reference to the legacy that Sir John Soane left in the form of his architectural contributions as well as his collection of artefacts at the Sir John Soane's Museum in London.

Your contribution will be used in the artwork that Clare Twomey is making in the form of a sentence on one of a 1000 bowls. We have invited international contributions from leaders of institutes through to everyday workers and participants in society. We hope to be able to capture in this artwork a sense of what everyman's dream might be today.

If you could consider this invitation to participate, it would be a very welcome contribution to the work. In filling out this form with your sentence to the question below you are agreeing that I can reproduce your sentence and name you as the participant.

If you are reading this and not male please pass this onto any man in your life to be part of this exciting opportunity.

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